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Civil Law

Civil law encompasses a wide range of legal issues, from contract disputes to property matters. Our team excels in representing clients in civil litigation matters, ensuring your rights and interests are protected.

Civil Law


  • Civil Litigation

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Estate Litigation

  • Land Litigation

  • General Litigation

  • Corporate Litigation

  • Tax Litigation

Mason Poratto-Mason LLP will meet with you to assess the legal issues you are faced with, determine the appropriate course of action, and explore potential remedies. Whether defending a civil action, or commencing a civil action to ensure an optimal result, we are prepared to assist you with your individual situation.

We will assist with:

Civil Litigation: Civil litigation involves legal disputes between individuals or organizations seeking monetary damages or specific performance, rather than criminal sanctions. Our experienced civil litigation lawyers can help you navigate through various legal issues and represent your interests in court.


Commercial Litigation: Commercial litigation deals with legal disputes arising in the business context, such as contract disputes, shareholder disputes, or breach of fiduciary duties. Our team is well-versed in Canadian business laws and can provide strategic legal solutions to protect your business interests.


Estate Litigation: Estate litigation involves legal disputes related to wills, trusts, or estates. Our estate litigation lawyers have the expertise to handle complex estate matters and ensure that your rights are protected during the probate process or estate administration.


Land Litigation: Land litigation pertains to legal disputes concerning real property, such as boundary disputes, easements, or zoning issues. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of property laws and can assist you in resolving land-related disputes effectively.


Corporate Litigation: Corporate litigation involves legal disputes within the corporate context, such as shareholder disputes, breach of contract, or regulatory compliance issues. Our corporate litigation lawyers have extensive experience in corporate law and can provide tailored legal solutions to protect your business interests.


Tax Litigation: Tax litigation deals with legal disputes related to taxation, such as tax audits, appeals, or disputes with tax authorities. Our lawyers are well-versed in Canadian tax laws and can help you navigate through complex tax issues, ensuring compliance with tax regulations and minimizing potential liabilities.