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Motor Vehicle Accidents
Snowmobile and Boating Accidents
Spinal Cord Injuries
Slip and Fall Injuries
Insurance Claims
Disability Claims
No-Fault Benefit Claims

M. James Mason has been practicing in the field of personal injury since 1986 with cases ranging from serious motor vehicle accidents, debilitating slip and fall accidents and sledding accidents to injuries sustained from ice falling from buildings. The client, through no fault of their own, has had their life put on hold until they can deal with the injury and the complexities of the insurance legislation that they become immersed in.

In handling matters pertaining to personal injury, Mason Poratto-Mason LLP does not lose sight of the impact of the client’s injuries on family members, the individual’s employment, and the overall wellbeing of the accident victim.

Mason Poratto-Mason LLP takes pride in representing the whole client throughout the course of litigation; serving their physical, emotional, economic and familial needs.

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