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Wills, Codicils, Trusts

Powers of Attorney

Estate Planning
Estate Litigation

Guardianship Applications

Health Care Consent Applications

Effective planning and organization are goals we all strive for in order to make our lives more manageable. In order to plan for future possibilities, everyone should have an up-to-date will and powers of attorney.

Mason Poratto-Mason LLP conducts a comprehensive interview to assist in the estate planning process and to accomplish the wishes of the Testator in clear and simple language, avoiding undue stress for family members at a time of grief.

When disputes related to estates or powers of attorney arise, Mason Poratto-Mason LLP can provide advice and legal representation for estate trustees, beneficiaries, guardians, and attorneys for property and personal care.

We take great care to help our clients navigate through any dispute or litigation related to their estate. Our lawyers are highly capable and experienced with all aspects of estate litigation, powers of attorney litigation, guardianship applications, and healthcare consent applications.

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